keeping your bike happy!

Getting your bike serviced regularly not only saves you money in parts it makes sure your bike is kept in tip top condition ready for anything.

Our trained mechanics are on hand 5 days a week and we try where possible to turnaround your bike in 5 days.

SERVICing faq's

Saftey assessment & minor tune

  • This is for the bike that really just needs the gears, brakes, or other components tuned. This could be something you do monthly or fortnightly to keep everything perfect for that race day Win or the weekend adventure
  • Lubricate chain
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust gears
  • Check tyre condition and inflate tyres
  • Check drivetrain - chain, cassette + chainrings for wear
  • Check general wear and over all condition of your bike

Basic Service

  • A basic service is recommended every 3 - 6 months for the commuter, casual rider or cyclist wanting to keep the bike in good running condition.
  • Check bicycle frame and fork condition
  • Check and tighten handlebars and stem
  • Check and tighten steering headset
  • Check and tighten crankset and pedals
  • Check and tighten seatpost and saddle
  • Check and tighten wheel nuts, quick release and axles
  • Check wheel condition and spoke tension
  • Check tyre condition and inflate tyres
  • Check and adjust gears, lubricating cables where required
  • Check and adjust brakes, lubricate cables where required
  • Check drivetrain - chain, cassette + chainrings for wear
  • Lubricate chain, derailleurs and brake callipers
  • Secure accessories
  • Performance test ride

Essentials Service

  • An essentials service is recommended every 3 – 6 months for the social to serious recreational cyclist.
  • Includes all items from a Basic Service plus:
  • Full bike wash and drivetrain degrease using bio degradable degreaser
  • Straighten or true minor wheel buckles on bike
  • Straighten rear derailleur hanger
  • Remove and fit new brake pads/inserts where required *
  • Chain and cassette replacement *
  • One cable replacement *
  • Performance Test Ride
  • * labour only

Performance Service

  • A performance service is recommended every 6 – 12 months for the cyclist requiring a comprehensive service and detail to enhance their bicycle's performance. Due to the comprehensive nature of this service an initial parts quote will be provided on initial inspection. This service could typically require parts such as cables, bar tape, and perhaps chain and cassette.
  • Includes all items from an Essential Service plus:
  • Remove crankset, re grease and tighten bottom bracket cups
  • Remove, inspect, adjust and re grease steering headset, seatpost, stem bolts, seat rails and wheel cones
  • 2 x cable installations
  • Install or re-wrap bar tap - labour
  • Performance test ride

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